Change careers at 50? Is it possible?

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Why a professorship?

Working as teacher is not an easy job especially if you belong in a university or college.  You have to read a lot of references to support your lectures.  You also need to be highly qualified to earn the respect of the students.  Once you have a professorship, it would be a great honor for yourself because it is of the highest rank in the faculty roll. Aside from that, buying a degree for professorship will help you also receive high salary and great opportunities in researches, symposia, and international travels.

What our clients say

Is it right to change careers at 50?

The decision to change careers at 50 can come to many as a surprise especially when people are expecting you to be planning your retirement. However; to change careers at 50 is not so bad and can be the best decisions ever to make in your life. For instance; using my case as an example, I decided to change careers at 50 and many of my friends and loved ones said I was crazy. I though the process will come easy however it did not.

Change careers at 50 are one of the very hardest decisions for me to take. Prospective employers saw red flags all over me and rationally assumed that I’d lost touch with ground control. Change careers at 50 became very devastating for me because I felt all possibilities were just not around. When a friend of mine asked a coworker in his marketing department about job possibilities for me, the response was, “The markets terrible for “creative types” which literally meant to him change careers at 50 on my side was a failure. If I didn’t have this job, I’d probably be pumping gas.”

But the serious fun came from reading all those helpful bits of advice delivered by “Job Market Experts” on change careers at 50 steps to take. Reading all the various change careers at 50 tips and tit bits did not go wasted because it helped me a lot. Websites and newspapers were full of them, those know-how career coaches who give out change careers at 50 tips. Although most of the many change careers at 50 ideas and tips I read sounded not so useful, I took the best I could. Most of the various so called change careers at 50 experts and counselors offering advice in everything from what not to wear to an interview became very irritating at a point.

For change careers at 50 changers such as me though, there was really precious little useful advice out there.

Below are some tips to help you change careers at 50

  • Never admit to being over 30 years old, no matter how old you really are especially if you want to change careers at 50. If you are 50 or over, this could be a tough sell, but a little nip and tuck around the old jowls will do wonders to remove that “out to pasture” look that so often kills your prospects. It is not a lie especially if you can do the job well and change careers at 50.
  • Starting networking will be a great step to take to change careers at 50. The great thing about being out of work and wanting to change careers at 50 is that you have more time to spend at your local bar. Bartenders are notorious gossips and a fantastic source for gathering names and contacts of people who actually have jobs.
  • Also to change careers at 50, remember that attitude is everything. If you are one of the lucky few to get an actual face-to-face interview, don’t be afraid to show a little personality if you really want to change careers at 50. Without going overboard in your aim to change careers at 50, do let your prospective employers know that you are far smarter than they are (you will probably be older). Also make sure all your references are credible.
  • Now one key to change careers at 50 successfully is to never give up. In change careers at 50 you need to remember that you are in need of a job. Let people know you are desperate without actually begging. If a prospective employer has rejected you, do not give up or be sad; buckle up and move on with your change careers at 50 visions.
  • In making a decision to change careers at 50, it will be best to also consider whether you are leaving your current job for the right reasons. Yes, the only way change careers at 50 moves can be successful is when you are undertaking the process for all the right reasons. OK, so let’s say your job is boring, your boss is an evil dictator whose idea of fun is to wave pink slips in your face, and the recycled air in your office reeks of sulfur from the fumes escaping out of hell just below you. It does not mean you have to consider change careers at 50.

Yes, getting over it will be great especially if you have been working with them for more than 10 years. Hey, it’s a job, and your prospects of finding another, better, more glamorous one to change careers at 50 are not good. Take that bird you’ve got in hand and roast it over those flames coming out of the office vents. However; you can change careers at 50 if you feel it will be the best for you.

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